Abdelkarim Alkhattabi, The legend of the Rif

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  1. Pourriez-vouz ajouter des traduction ou en francais ou en anglais, etc…autant que possible quoi 😉

  2. said agadir says:

    Med abdelkrim alkhatabi est vraiment un homme exceptionnel, Lah yarhamo wyarham jami3 amwat almoslimin

  3. rachid says:

    abdlkrim c’ vraiment the legend n bssah mais domage lpalmaris ijla lahrhmo orhme ga3 chohada nar rif sous et tout

  4. hassan says:

    lah yrahmak ya batal

  5. ellah ira7mk yaaaaa molay mohand yabo l abtaaaaaaaal naftakhiiiiro biko fikol makan ora7mato ellah 3alyk 0

  6. elfarissi Med says:

    batal bimrna lkalima

  7. Tarik says:

    A moulay Mohend Amazigh A lOstoRa A YAGAAz tozreeed Kho Spanyo tjid L3alamm Yacheee9

    You’ r A legend

  8. amaghnes says:

    abdelkarim es homre de verdad es capion del mundo

  9. mohammed says:

    A tru Legend and he is a Riffian. He will always be in our hart. He is not a moroccan but a Riffian.

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