Commemoration of Abdel-Krim Al Khattabi in Catalunya

Commemoration of 48th anniversary of the passing away of Abdel-Krim Al Khattabi in Catalonia

The cultural association of the rights of the Amazigh people in Catalonia celebrated on Saturday February 5, the 48 th anniversary of the passing away of the Amazigh leader Abd el-Krim El Khattabi “Mulay Muhend”. This commemoration event took place in in Figueres in the Catechetical cultural center.

The event was directed by a member of the association Zaiter Ibrahim, who welcomed attendees and gave the floor to the militants Zouhair Ali Rotbi and Taouil, who gave a historical overview of the figure of Mulay Muhend, who led the national liberation of colonial powers since the Second World War, and also as the inventor of the guerrilla strategy in wars. In addition to that Mustafa El Karrouchi read a poem about the historical person of Mulay Muhend.

A documentary video was screened for the public about Abdelkrim Alkhattabi, the North African leader and finally a group sang songs of protest in favor of Tamazight and Catalan culture, and dedicated a song to the Rifian player of F. C. Barcelona Ibrahim Afellay.

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  1. ABED Idir says:

    Azul fellaouén ! Un grand homme que le monde berbère a connut . Déclaration indépendance et la reconnaissance par l’ONU du seule état Amazigh et qui avait une ligne politique Amazigh. Bon courage à vous tous . Thanmirt

  2. aziz says:

    Afgan i Tmazight igh nera Tamazight ofgan…i9and ang afous gh ofous nbid yat tiddi anbbi adar iwalli yagh or irin. Ayouz

  3. Aziz says:

    Azul Imazighn
    Berkat gh blog non..

  4. Amine Si Ahmed says:

    Unknown for numerous north african generations,because of hostile government controlled media toward amazighity.Thank to universal progress and the interest of this site ,things will certainly change positively.I’m proud of Abdelkrim.

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