Mbarek Oularbi (NBA) has passed away

Mbarek Oulaarbi (1982-2011), founder of Saghru band

It is with deepest sorrow that we have received the passing away of Mbarek
Larbi (NBA n Saghru), who spent all his life in promoting and modernising the Amazigh music of southeast Morocco.
Born in Mellab, a little village in the of the southeastern region of Morocco, M’barek Oularbi, the front man of the group Saghru, discovers his true passion for arts at a young age: Painting, guitar, composition, animation and poetry. His intelligence, his supporting family and the contact to other artists initiate him to advance.
Due to the influence by artists like Mallal, Idir, Bob Dylan and others, he started to compose his first pieces of music. He sang with friends, at school, in the course of cultural activities and finally, at the university.
A few years later, the young artist graduated in French Public Law and Literature and founded the Saghru Band, a fascinating modern band who then created together with Mallal their own unique style, the Amun Style.
On behalf of team and its visitors, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Mbarek. Your memory will always remain deep within our hearts.

«Your place now is within the stars that continue to shine high in the dark sky…»

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  1. yufra says:

    نزل علينا هذا الخبر كالصاعقة .ولا نملك الا ان نسال الله تعالى ان يتغمده برحمته الواسعة والشاملة وانا لله وانا اليه راجعون كما نسأل الله تعالى ان يلهم أسرته الكبيرة والصغيرة الصبر والسلوان.

  2. hasan says:

    الله اكبر
    لعربي قتلوك لكن في قلوبنا انت
    لعربي سمموك لكن في قلوبنا إسمك محفور

  3. magi says:

    ma3toub wiss 2 ayd ig saf !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear M’barek,

    Thanks a lot for all the things you done, for the Amazigh culture. In our hearts you’re still alive!

    May god bless you!

    Sliman Ghaddari.

  5. mazighi says:

    ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji3on

  6. Yuba says:

    3emmars nettuc! aqac ghanegh deg urawen!

  7. lemlih says:

    ullah mc nedmi ad iddu imgio ittuyagh maca hat tuwitid lu9tt iwa da nettettr i rbb att irhm
    ان لله و ان اليه راجعون

  8. from sweden says:

    i ve read the news this moorning as always in the net here in sweden and first thing that i see is that our artist did pass away,i really didn t believe that as well i felt so sad in side of me,but death no one can stop it and every thing has a beging and end but things and people we love we are never preapered to lose them,Nbark you was one of the kind akirham rbi irz9ak ljant inchallahe…voila c est la vie meme ya des choses dur a les accepter…

  9. akrhmrbi mbark l3rbi arba ntmazirtinw

  10. akrham rabi al3rbi mbrak arbi adzydan lgroup nsghru adghnan ghif tmazight ylah akhlid tamazigh

  11. azul marra .avmis ad am tawrgit. tettergh tizidar i ayt tadart ns hat gmat/tawmat ngh ayd iga mbark, imazigh akw d tawja nes taxatart .3mmas ur t nttu ackw nkni akw ad nghan.hat ira sul tnker lghlt ibughlu ujjig mnzi tafsut tuckad /tusid awd yan ur tt isbd
    timulla n rbbi fllas. ifkagh tizidar n tnumi ns
    “nga win Rbbi d ntta as ra naghul”

  12. bibich says:

    In God we trust , only God can judge us rest in peace our brother NBA we will never forget you , you are always alive in our heart forever, Thank you sooo much for what you did to this culture, your song and lyrics are always carved in our heart, you should know that we will never stop fighting until the white light breaks out. This is what happen to the 2pac here in USA all people who tell the truth they won’t live longer , 2pac died at the age 25 years old our Amzighr Nba died at the age of 28. we have to do something people please I want all imazighrn to wake up to stop the killing, I believe NBA his time is not yet come but somebody make nearer for him. the time will tell. Rest in peace our brother . please God his soul in heaven .
    Amazighr from USA Azul floun.

  13. awayagher says:

    it’s really a bad news i can’t beleive that nba is died he is the moroccan lounes maatoub we promiss you nba we will continue in your way and you will stay always in our heart the gold will bless you we love you

  14. rabda adkim go orawen anagh .

  15. uu tinghir says:

    lah irhamk anba
    t9iimt dignagh bzzaf .. wanba wakha tammut nusy falk anzwuum ornanni akiy na touuu hat abridank agantadou!!

  16. ouzzat says:

    NBA wakha k nghan ador tinit iraknto at abrid nk aghantdoo
    m9ar knghan id wach l9awmajiyin at olawne nnagh agh tlit s azawan nk d nnidal nk f la cause amazigh
    ayrhm rbbi ighssan nk
    ark bahra n ssimghooooooooooor

  17. نزل علينا هذا الخبر كالصاعقة .ولا نملك الا ان نسال الله تعالى ان يتغمده برحمته الواسعة والشاملة وانا لله وانا اليه راجعون كما نسأل الله تعالى ان يلهم أسرته الكبيرة والصغيرة الصبر والسلوان.

  18. waza says:

    tété trp généreux nba vole vole va te reposer c’était un pénible fardeau…PHENOMENAL NBA

  19. abdeslam says:

    mahma tala zaman lha9a ghadi iban iban lah yakhd lha9 g i3onsoriyn wa ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji3on

  20. toto says:

    It’s hard to forget our brother but the arabic ppl flow everry days the amazigh ppl for this I’m here in Canada since 7 years about our sitution in south est of Morocco .
    the god belss you .please God his soul in heaven .

  21. Amazigh says:

    Max a NBA allig teddid, max allig agh tezrid.
    Aha tellid g wulawen nnegh, ur tar k nettu n NBA


  22. Yugerten says:

    Tgid a NBA ugar n uynna ghifk illan.
    ilaq ad nasey Asafu n Timmuzgha, tessaghed dignegh afa ur tar ixessin.

    Maca hat ur nghiy ak nettu, ughuld.

    Amazigh seg Tizi n imnayen (Iglmimen)

  23. anir says:

    it’s so hard to forget nba but it’s harder to ignor hém!!!

  24. aksel says:


  25. fatima says:

    inna lilah wa inna ilayhi raji3oun taghamadaho laho bira7matihi wa askanahou fassi7a janatih

  26. khalid boussaid taznakht says:

    ra7ima allah maatoub alwinas almaghrib …

  27. Sooooo saaaad!,so boiling I’ve been since I heard the bad news .I’ve loved you and been so impressed by your personality ,your courage and your unforgetable songs since I met you in 2008 dear Mbarek.Relax dear friend and be sure you will remain in our hearts forever,forever.R7emt a Rebbi t3awnt imddukkalns ad zayden smnid.Atterz ula tekna !

  28. o3tta says:

    at irham rbi tu reste dans n coeur et v ete un lion et tu reste un lion car tes grand pere sont des lions vraiment v ete le vrais image de ait 3aa yalah khaled kmal abrid n nba

  29. mimoun rifi says:

    azul awmatnakh imazighan mani madjan j aime ce groupe premiere fois je l ecoute a tanger et je le cherche a internet mais q ce veut dire saghru expliq cett mot merci

  30. muha idurar says:

    azul fellawen
    qu”allah benisse notre matoub de SUD-EST “NBA”
    saghru ça veut dire est la source des tributs d”AIT 3TTA il est aussi la place dont la quelle était la résistance de BOUGAFER à leur leader 3SSOU OUBASLAM en 1933

  31. mimoun rif says:

    merci et bien sur je sais le combat de bougafer .lmohime azul mara imazighne n sud est assitimgh attass n nidale. tanmerte

  32. yubano says:

    azoul imazighn ayouzz d tanmertnon ibahra iflojan , mbark ol 3arbi ( nba saghru) ayghama gholawnagh , forever ayouzzz inghmisn imazighn

  33. tayri taderghalt says:

    la volonté est du dieu mais dès maintenant nous ne savons qui a causé la mort de notre meilleur artiste,le maitre Nba de Saghru band. surtout je souhaite que Khalid terminera le chemin qui est déja commencé par Saghru particulièrement par Mbarek;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;YOUSSEF TITAOU MELLAB la lutte

  34. youssef says:

    ak irhem rebi issouse3 ghepk a nbarek ou laarbi

  35. moh nssn says:

    azul mimoun saghro c’est une chaine montagneuse qui se situe au cœur de l’anti-atlas habité par une majorité des ait 3atta.
    saghro, historiquement apporte beaucoup de choses la résistance des ait atta contre le colonisateur et aussi une sorte d’autonomie territoriale,administrative, et juridictionnelle.
    sans oublier aussi que saghro est le symbole de la fierté des ait atta là oû ils sont hormis quelques tribus qui ont collaboré avec les français. les membres de ces tribus sont principalement les fonctionnaires auprès de ministère de l’intérieur du Maroc.


  36. n’ba dima ila koul arakntini orkntou ola sare rakntou <3

  37. youssef says:

    ol3arbi wakha knghane hat ournani aki ntou hat abridanche ag ntedou hat daki thyane ait aissa oubrahime bzafbzaf akirhame rabi

  38. amazighe sifaw says:

    mbark ol3arbi wakhak nghan nosiflak abridank tasa dwalnkh akhantlit akirham rbi amine yarbi kin ola ma3toub ola bojm3alhbaz ola sa3id sifaw

  39. sifaw agadir says:

    azoul fllawn,man togga sol ighaman…iwilli ran adaghilih!!!oraghran..oraghran..oraghran.”nga win akuch..dntta as ra naghul.

  40. aziz says:

    Ighama gigh NBA bezzaf.. mach i9and anf yan mnnaw irgazn folkinin igh nera ad nerar tidrfi d tmagit n omazigh…

  41. igidr says:

    Afgan i Tmazight igh nera Tamazight ofgan…i9and ang afous gh ofous nbid yat tiddi anbbi adar iwalli yagh or irin. Ayouz

  42. darif orhman says:

    vraiment N’BA était l’un des artistes fidèle à cause tamazight … grâce à lui et des autres artistes homologues ” afgan amazigh” a détecter que leur identité a une valeur absolu … ak ir7em rbii N’ba ya3fouu fellak

  43. OMELAB says:

    ona inan mbark inghat lmakhzen hat ghir daysawal afad ad isiwl

  44. handour Med says:

    My name is Med Handour. I am a high school English teacher in Souksebt, a town not far from Beni Mellal. I was first appointed in a rural tiny village in the South East of Morocco. It is called Mellaab; the village dwellers mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Their palm trees have to resist successive years of drought to offer enough dates to feed their children and loved ones. Their poverty and difficult social conditions have never prevented them from being generous and hospitable. The village is located around 18 kilometers far from Tinjdad ,Errachidia. I was fortunate enough to start my career in that blessed Amazigh area among those affable, hospitable and kind- hearted people.

    There I met Mbark Oularbi, may he rest in peace, who was a student in one of my classes. I can still remember and even visualize, with a deep sense of grief and nostalgia, the row in which he used to sit. He always liked to choose his seat at the front so as to get close to the chalkboard and concentrate on his lessons. Mbark was one of my bright students. Like many of his classmates, he was calm, friendly and well-disciplined. He would speak only when asked to and his answers, comments and reactions were always pertinent and to the point. All I knew about M’bark, up to this moment, was his good character, conscientiousness and perseverance, his loyalty to his cultural and linguistic background and his passion for karate, his favourite sport. However, later in Ain Meski, I discovered that Nba had at least one more talent.

    Towards the end of the first semester, my students in Mellaab looked tired and bored; they probably needed to recharge their batteries after weeks of hard work in class, at home or on the farm. They had decided to go on a picnic to Ain Meski, a beautiful tourist resort in Errachidia. I was one of the teachers invited to go there.

    We spent the whole day in Ain Meski, where I saw Nba, for the first time, playing the guitar in the shade of a palm tree. He repeated a famous song by Moha Mellal: “Rbbi Addi Km Yadj Aymma”, which can be translated as : “ May God Save You, Mum”. It seemed M’bark was a gifted guitarist. “Who knows?”, I wondered. “The future may have much in store for this talented teenager who was only seventeen but could make the guitar speak”

    Another thing I could discover about M’bark was his interest in realistic Amazigh songs. Those dealing with oppression, injustice, tyranny, freedom, experiences and sufferings of ordinary Amazighs, etc. This, no doubt, explains his absorbing interest in the lyrics of Y. Matoub, Idir, Mellal, Bob Dylan, etc.

    The day trip was over and Nba had to put aside the guitar, put his mind on his work again and get ready for his end- term exams which he passed with flying colours as expected. In June, I bade farewell to Mellaab and its kind people and moved to Azilal, my home province, leaving behind a generation of well-brought up students of Nba’s calibre.

    The bird you once entreated, in your song, to deliver your message would hopefully fly over remote mountainous Amazigh areas and spread the news of your death to every shepherd herding his cattle, every woman leading her donkey to the well to bring fresh water, and every father cutting forest trees to obtain wood to make coal and sell it in the neighbouring town to buy a bag of flour for his children. The bird would repeat, let us hope, all your songs again and again so that everybody could learn and pass them on to the coming generations.

    You are gone Nba but your memory will always remain within our hearts. May God bless you and purify your soul and may He grant your parents and dear brothers ( Hmad-Brahim-Slimane and AAka) enough patience to bear your departure to the world hereafter. My deepest condolences to them, to your friends and fans and to all the people of Mellaab.

    Posted by your ex-teacher of English:M.Handour

  45. arifi says:

    mbarak ira i3iz attas khmarra imazighan athia7am rabbi amin

  46. ibra amazigh says:

    You are in our hearts Nba,and u will be there forever.
    .انا لله و ان اليه راجعون

  47. abdo says:

    akirham rabbi anbark issoussa3rifache

  48. sememenk oulad lehram walayni hat oul negh ag tzedghed ak irhem rebi a nba

  49. samir tamazirtino says:

    I’ve been very sad to hear the death of Mbark l3arbi
    ina lillah wa ina ilaihi raji3on

    لقد كنت حزينة جدا لسماع وفاة مبارك لعربي
    إن لله و إن إليه راجعون

  50. sara says:

    ina lilah waina ilayhi raji3oun nba wakha imout orimout g olawnngh te queremos todos nba

  51. iyhoihyfd says:

    3abas Nagh Inghan M’Bark D Awdagh N Assissane

  52. azenzer says:

    inghak pouvoir assassin ighal israk nto nkni mach kyin anba idamngh artllit orizdar yan ak giss ihiyd,,,,…??????

  53. iwa ina lilahi waina illayhi raji3oun m9ar tamout anbark han assafrounk ourta yamout hat talit goulawn nanagh abda ournani ak natou ak irham rabi

  54. nbark james te olvidaremos eres el mejor

  55. ahmed arg says:

    ina lilah wa ina ilayhi ragi3on olad lklab 9tloh walakin ma9tloch kolchi …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  56. amal tamazighte says:

    a saghru wakha knghan hat goulawn ngh thyat

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