Thwiza sings Lalla Buya in the Spanish Cultural Institute

Nabil Thwiza Concert in the Spanish Cultural Institute of Al Hoceima

Celebrating the release of his third album, Nabil Thwiza and his band made a concert in the Spanish Cultural Institute of Al Hoceima on the 21st of December 2010. This concert was organized by Thwiza association for music and cultural development.

The concert started with a brief presentation of José Luis Lion, the director of students’ activities, who congratulated the association for its fruitful partnership. Alae Eddin chams, the director Thwiza association followed him by a brief presentation in which he mentioned the important role music plays in spreading the culture of peace and harmony between nations and civilizations.
Nabil Thwiza started his concert by playing some his famous songs and also the new ones, which will be released in his third album very soon. Thwiza musical style is characterized by its fussion among different styles such as Izran, Gnaoua, Rock and Reggae.
The concert was mainly gifted for the students of the Spanish Institute of Al Hoceima to remind them of their Amazigh musical heritage, which is an important component of their national identity.
Photos by Al Hakkouni Mohamed

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