6th Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima Festival 2010

The sixth Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima, organized by the Association Rif for Solidarity and Development (ARID), was held from 26 to 31 July, under the theme of “Peoples Communion, Dialogue of Cultures”.

The announcement was made at a press briefing held on Saturday in Al Hoceima and dedicated to presenting the program of this cultural and artistic festival which has become a key event at the regional and national level.

The organizers have focused on the rich and diverse program of this edition where a group of artists from different countries and musical styles will take part on this 6th Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima.

This edition will bring together a great name of Amazigh Music IDIR and a prominent artist of Rai, Faudel, in addition to renowned artists, many groups and artists from Palestine, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria. These include, among others, Gipsy King (Spain), Al Quds for Palestinian Heritage and Arts, the National Group of Arts (Egypt), Spanish flamenco group “Ialma” as well as national artists such Aicha Tachinouite, and Said Maghribi.

According to organizers, the event’s objective is to contribute to socio-economic and cultural development of the region through the creation of spaces for economic, artistic, and cultural diversity promotion.

On the sidelines of the event, exhibitions dedicated to the craft of the region and the Amazigh book are programmed.

Photos from the festival

Photographers: Miloud AYADI & Soufian BOUNDA

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  1. Mohand says:

    Viva idir d Khalid Izri!

  2. bouthghmas says:

    makh ifagh manayni ? d awadar nigh lae ?

  3. Where walid mimon
    Nothing if hi not coom
    Overall ayuz

  4. Amazigh17 says:

    sara7a almehrajan n cette ani 0 ma3lik odji d idir ifakan chway thamasrayth ataf onafaraj walo l3ama..wani n l anne dernier ira idja 7san zi wa..

  5. nada says:

    mihrajan idir f ifran mkhayar nzo chijan amwani yak ayrifayan

  6. ahlal imadoka narif ino ntchaka idir gi 7aflani n ifran nawo ichtan amtani gi ajdir wala hoceima

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