The Amazigh New Year Celebration in the Basque Country


To promote the Amazigh art and culture in the basque country, AZRAF association in partnership with the provincial council of Bizkaia, take the initiative to celebrate the Amazigh new year 2960 (asuggas amaynu). The success of last year’s event with the pioneer of the Amazigh music Idir left many positive echoes in the Basque country. This year Azraf is going to invite the Rifian prominent band Imetlaa alongside a group from Catalunya named ASANEF, which is a group of Amazigh artists living in catalunya. In addition to these two bands a local band from the basque country is also invited to present the basque culture.

“Azraf is committed to promote the Amazigh culture in the basque country through a high quality of entertainment in a pleasant atmosphere” says Abdellatif Alkhattabi, a member of the executive bureau at Azraf association.

For more information concerning this event, visit the official website of AZRAF:

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