Imetlaa Made a Successful Concert in Mawazine Festival

Imetlaa concert in Mawazine

Imetlaa gave a very successful concert on Sunday, 17th May 2009 in Mawazine festival. Imetlaa sang most of of their famous songs, such as Ag Ijj n U3echi, Nachin Dhimazighan, Izran, Ameqnudh, Seqsix Xam Thaziri, in addition to that Imetlaa sang a new song for the first time on the stage entitled Thlullucht Idurar. As it is part of Imetlaa current project: the bridge between tradition and modernity, the group was accompanied with a member of the Amazigh Rap group Intersection, who was joining the stage from time to time to sing some of his rap and hip hop songs. The transition from Izran to Rap was very exciting and harmonious.

The concert drew thousands of public. Imetlaa rocked the silence of Rabat with their harmonious rhythms and Izran. The public, even the Arab-phones appreciated the concert without understanding the lyrics. That was noticeable through the interaction of the public with the group since the beginning of the concert until the end.

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