An Amazigh Festival is to be Launched in Australia

An Amazigh Festival is to be Launched in Australia

A newly formed community group called “Amazigh Association of Australia” (AAA) in Sydney is preparing for an Amazigh festival to introduce the Amazigh culture to the Australian community.
AAA is a non-political and non-religious organization that seeks to promote the North African Amazigh/Berber culture in harmony and tolerance with the people of Australia as part of the Federal government’s cultural diversity program. This is the first time in history that Amazigh culture is going to be showcased in Australia.

AAA is organizing a major festival to take place on the 16th of May, 2009 at Leichhardt Town Hall, Sydney, Australia. The festival will include singing performances (Moh Alileche and Massa Bouchafa), an aboriginal performance and the welcoming ceremony to welcome the Amazigh community to the Australian land followed by a speech by the Leichhardt Mayor to acknowledge the association and Imazighen in this country. An art exhibition organised by one of the festival official sponsors “Berbero Saharan Handicrafts”, a short film by Hacene Zennia and an introduction to Amazigh and North African and Mediterranean cuisine (Seksu).

The Amazigh community in Australia is very small; therefore it is extremely hard to find enough members and sponsors. The association appreciates any professional help and donations to support their activities and keep AAA active in the years to come. Let’s wish the success of this original initiative.

If you are willing to donate to the association, see details of the festival, and/or buy tickets to the festival, please visit the following website which is one of the sponsors of this cultural event.



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