Kabylia autonomy project (KAP)

Kabylia autonomy project (KAP)


Proposition of Kabylia autonomy project (KAP)


1. Having considered the strong identity and personality of the Kabyle people throughout the centuries, a language and culture of the great AMAZIGH family. A socio-political organisation unlike any other in the territory, a secular attribute for freedom, the individual respect and solidarity with others,

2. Having considered the important and vital role played by the Kabylia region in the war for independence in which, it was massively engaged,

3. Having considered the total exclusion of the Kabyle identity in the Algerian definition and the institutional discrimination against the Kabyle people since the Algerian independence,

4. Having considered the political isolation of Kabylia, from the rebellion of the FFS in 1963 to the continuous “Black Spring” of 2001 and other related events such as the “Berber Spring” in 1980, the school boycott in 1994 / 1995 and the popular rebellion and outrage generated by the assassination of Matoub Lounes…

5. Having considered the political divorce between Kabylia and the central power due to its permanent repression against Kabylia since 40 years,

6. Having considered the SOUMMAM Congress of 1956 in favour of the AUTONOMY OF THE WILAYAS

7. Having considered the United Nations Charter, the universal declaration of human rights and the people’s rights charter adopted in Algiers in 1976,

8. Having considered the rebirth of the “Archs” Kabyle as a popular movement restric ted to Kabylia in which the “ El Kser’s Platform” can only be achieved through a regional autonomy,

9. Knowing that, each existing regional autonomy across the world is the product of its people’s history,

10. Having considered the models of the Catalan, Flemish, Scottish, Welsh, Sardinian and Quebec and until a federal state,

11. In order to safeguard the territorial integrity of Algeria and to end the perpetual confrontation between the central power and this region, the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia (MAK) is submitting to a debate the Project for the Autonomy of Kabylia (PAK)

Chapter I : Definition

1. By its language, culture and history, the KABYLE PEOPLE has established a distinct identity and personality.

2. The Kabyles are citizens of Algeria and belonging to the great extended family of the AMAZIGHS or “Free men” 3. Kabylia is their homeland. It covers the territory of the ex-wilaya III. Its administrative frontiers are limited by its language and cultural values

4. The Kabyle / Amazigh language is its official language. However, Kabylia will dispense to its citizens every foreign language judged necessary to the flourishing of its cultural, economical, social and political structures.

Chapter II : values

1. The autonomous Kabylia pledges the respect for human rights, without distinction of sex, race, language or religion. Consequently, the present family code will be abolished, polygamy forbidden and the personal status governed by civil laws.

2. The freedom of cult will be guaranteed and religion will be considered as a private matter.

3. Democracy is the political system, which will be used by the elected institutions.

4. Kabylia will remain in solidarity with the rest of all Algerians and Amazighs in their fight for cultural and political rights.

5. Kabylia will be more open to all Algerians as Algeria will be open to all Kabyles.

Chapter III : Regional autonomy

1. As a region, people and a nation, Kabylia must gain and preserve its regional autonomy.

2. The regional autonomy will be created in Kabylia through a local assembly, which, in function of its political majority will elect un executive body who will form the local government.

3. Other institutions susceptible to sustain the region development can be created as constitutional committee, a senate, organisations which will control the local executives.

4. The Archs will replace the present popular and communal assemblies. The towns, villages and boroughs (The basic institutions of Kabyle autonomy) will all be subject to proportional representation.

5. Kabylia will also have the right to its own crests and flag. It will sway proudly beside the Algerian flag.

6. The relevant and competent authorities of the regional Kabyle state will be related to matters of security, education, culture, health, justice, human rights, information, media, finances, taxes, the public transport and their infrastructures, the economy, the environment and the estates management.

7. The central power will keep the exclusivity of national security, the reissue of currency, and the foreign policy with respect to the interests of Kabylia. It will [the central power] regulate the economical policies between the regions until a federal state.

Chapter IV : modalities

1. The regional autonomy will be proclaimed following a referendum organised in Kabylia.

2. Its content will be negotiated with the central power through an elected delegation for this purpose.

3. A constitutional body can then be called to ratify the Kabyle constitution following the general agreement. This project will be subject to a constitutional revision which will lay down the fundamental laws of the country, and adapted to the Kabylia reality.

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