Azraf Celebrated a Successful Asuggas Amaynu in Bilbao

Azraf Celebrated a Successful Asuggas Amaynu in Bilbao

Azraf and the provincial council of Bizkaia celebrated the Amazigh new year 2959 in Bilbao on the 9th of this month. Idir, the famous Amazigh singer, was invited to perform in this occasion that ended successful. Meanwhile, the celebration of the Asuggas Amaynu in the basque country, meets also with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Azraf. Huge crowds of public were drawn to this remarkable event. Fans of Idir have joint him on this concert from different places Euskadi region and even from other cities of Spain. The public was composed of both the Amazigh origin people living in Euskadi and also the Euskadi people that enjoyed the concert of Idir, which they described to be magnificent.

The journalist Xavier Lapitz and Latif Jatabi invigorated the presentation of the act that counted on diverse interventions: the president of AZRAF: Jalid Amzir, the Director of General Direction of Equality and Citizen Rights of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia: IƱigo Iturrate and the Vice-councillor of the Department of Housing and Social affairs of the Basque Government: Fernando Consuegra, representing the Direction of Immigration, who collaborated in sponsoring the event. Finally, the president of the Amazigh World Congress: Lounes Belkacem who offered brief but touching words.

Malen and Andere also participated in the concert with their music playing Trikitrixa and the pandereta, like they have been doing for along time with AZRAF.
Azraf is satisfied with the results of the event, and is very thankful for the collaboration of the institutions and for the work of all our friends and for the attendance of everybody.


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