Amazigh Festival in Gouda


After two years of absence, the Amazigh workgroup in Gouda is organising an Amazigh festival in Gouda on the 10th and 11th of October. For the first time, this festival is going to include the display of 7 Amazigh films of the most prominent film makers in Arif: Mohammed Amin, Zakaria El Bakkali, and Said Saidi. In Addition to that, two concerts will be given, The first one will be performed by Choukri on the first day of the festival (October 10th) and the second one will be performed by the new Rifian artist Fatoum on the 11th of October. Ayned will also be present with his brand new play (monologue) “SSENJET: balance”.
The films will include a documentary about Ithran group which was realized by Zakaria El bakkali, and also a video clip of Ufrin Zzerwali that is known under the name Thaziri Thamiri and also other Rifian short films.

The following is the program of the Amazigh Festival in Gouda.

Friday, October 10, 2008
19:00 Start
19:30 Opening
19:45 Short films
21:30 Discussion
22:30 Music
23:30 End

Location: Jongerencentrum Alouan
Address: Jan Verzwollestraat 2a. Gouda
Ticket: 5 Euro

Saturday, October 11, 2008
19:00 Start
19:30 Opening
20:00 Theater
21:30 Break
21:45 Music
23:15 End

Address: Garenspinnerij: turfsingel 34, Gouda
Ticket: € 10,-

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