The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima – Fourth Day Report (July 31st )

The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

On the fourth day of The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima, Mohamed VI Hall embraced a new name in the Amazigh music world, as well as some local and well known groups. The audience was large in number as usual. And the participants left a good impression on the audience that featured visitors coming from the neighboring regions of the Rif and also from many other Moroccan cities. And this shows how important and successful The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima is.

Tifraz group was the first to step on the stage. Their performance was melodic and jazzy. They played some of their nice songs well-known to the public. They also played a new song which they said it would be released soon. This group, originating from Al Hoceima, is made up of a bunch of young and old talented musicians and singers. Their performance attracted the attention of the public at large.

Next after Tifraz came the role of El Abbasi group to chant the public. El Abbasi is a Folkloric group that sings both in Tamazight and Arabic. Accompanied by some young dancers, El Abbasi group made of their performance an opportunity to show their best in order to impress the public.

The fourth day of the Festival is said to feature a new promising artist in the Amazigh music. This artist’s name is Karim El Marssi, a singer from the neighbouring city Nador. The public met this new artist with a great and warm welcome. It was clear from his music that Karim is an artist who is very attached to his civilization al and cultural ties, which his music does not escape at all. Like most of the artists of the Rif, Karim’s preferable issues are freedom, earth and love. Most of the songs he played reflected these social issues. The first song Karim played to his public was entitled Tabrat “Letter”, a nice melodic song which the public loved a lot. Karim EL MARSSI comes to enrich the Amazigh musical heritage with his fine tunes.


This report was accomplished by Agraw team
Video: Miloud Ayadi
Photos: Adil Amghar
Article written by Hicham Boughaba

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