The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima – Fifth Day Report (August 1st )

The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

This report covers the fifth day of The Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima. It is true that the previous days of the festival were great, but this fifth day was even greater. It was considered by the presence of two of the leading figures in the Amazigh music, namely Walid Mimoun and Idir. These have attracted a huge public which came from different parts of the country. They had a great impact on them that one could barely find a place to stand in Mohamed VI hall. All that one could see were lighted candles waving in the Hall following the rhythms of the beautiful melodic songs played by both artists.

The first artist to step on the stage was Walid Mimoun, one of the great names to state when it comes to talking about the Amazigh artists. He is probably the most accomplished artist but also the most controversial one that the Rif has ever produced. Born in 1959 in Aït Sidel (a village near Nador) in a family of modest means, Mimoun began to learn music by learning the tamjja (flute) and then discovered the rich heritage of his local musical. Concerned with the cause of the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized, Mimoun, throughout his artistic journey, has managed to compile an important collection of songs in which he tackled these social issues.

Walid Mimoun chanted the public by the beautiful songs he played in Mohamed VI hall. He played some of the best songs he has ever been famous for. In addition to this, he presented his own modern interpretation of some of his old songs like Boydthurar, Dcar ino, and R9an n 15. In all, Mohamed VI hall, on the fifth day of the Festival, embraced a figure that the audience has often missed on the artistic stage.

The second artist to perform on the stage was Idir, the founding father of the Amazigh music. Some would refer to him as the best singer and artist that the Amazigh music has ever given birth to, but some would even reject the idea of comparing him with any other artist; these believe he is the best, and many hold this same view. Idir makes of his music a universal language that anyone could understand without understanding the lyrics. The favourite themes he has always treated in his songs are love, culture in general (especially the Amazigh culture), exile, immigration, education, motherhood, women, and historical memory. Most of his fine albums exhibit such themes at large. He has lately released a new album titled ‘La France Des Couleurs’ in which he shared his most favourite themes with some singers from all walks of life: Akhenaten, Guizmo, and Daniel Manu (Tryo), Féfé (Saïan Supa Crew) and Leeroy, Noa, Sinik, Grand Corps Malade, Zaho, Wallen, Oxmo Puccino , Tiken Jah Fakoly, Disiz…

Needless to say, the huge public welcomed Idir very warmly. They did not cease to applaud at him. And as it was expected, he just rocked the hall with some of his best songs. Idir, the modest but talented artist, together with his harmonious band, made of the evening an unforgettable memory, that the public would be always looking forward to a similar one.


This report was accomplished by Agraw team
Video: Miloud Ayadi
Photos: Adil Amghar, Bilal Bakkali & Mohammed Bounda
Article written by Hicham Boughaba

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