Illegal Immigration.. Illegal Africa

Illegal Immigration.. Illegal Africa

No easy walk to freedom” Nelson Mandela. Because the universe is arbitrary and mindless, and because life is short, and because we thirst for justice. But sometimes life is just one damn thing after another. On the world, apples and oranges can’t live together in juicy consonance. In much of our world today, everyone is special, every contribution is valuable, and every child gets a medal just for playing. The medal of chocolate.

Here is the question, “Why the sun is shining down on Africa?”, and we are blessed in this, that we already know the answer; since “Nelson Mandela himself, one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century, talks about why Oprah Winfrey is a hero to him”. Mandela has some special knowledge that helps explain the influence of Oprah. He is right, since Mugabe’s decisions and actions that have led to the demise of Zimbabwe were clearly irrational. He is “a dangerous person”, reported Mike Faure from Johannesburg, TIME [April 23]. Kadhafi, the crazy-dangerous leader says that he is “very optimist” on the success of a Libya-led mediation, in resolving the African troubles. Meanwhile, the president of the West African nation of Mali, Amadou Toure, raises his threats “to exterminate all the brutes”, the Twaregs of the great desert. So, we all love Oprah because Africa isn’t that “Old Chief’s Country” anymore.

In fact, the African leaders of today are all dangerous, since the inequalities are outrageous: between regions, between urban and rural zones, between the coast and the interior; for example, in Angola (13 million of inhabitants) live with less than 2 dollars by a day. Furthermore, the degradation of sanitary condition, and the recurrent epidemics cholera. Africa that can never reach one of the millennium’ objectives of human development (health, education, reduction of poverty, etc) by 2015.1 1

Where’s every African going? While the mass departure of Africans from their native Africa may be memorable and frightening, the possibility that this phenomenon is by no means unique to “Negros” (with capital “N”), was not given justice. For proof, you only need to look across the seas at my homeland “RIF”, where the “Buffalo Soldiers” of Africa are sinking and dying. Those who have access to salvation face the racial discrimination and harassment, bias and inequalities at the hands of “White men”, those Spaniards.

So, in this immense confusion of all Africans, we can conclude and say that life is good enough or it is not, and someone has made a damned decision about it. In Africa, everyday is a “Judgment Day”. The day to sing “Ander Ukecud”.


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  2. alcorcon says:

    bien venedo hermanos a españa es on pais muy grandi no tenen ambre tenen motcho trabajo i motcho deneroooooooooooooooo bien venidosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  3. ahebog says:

    alcorcon , como tu no deberian de estar por alli ya que se te da tan mal el escribir , ignorante

  4. hola esspana es on paies ki tenes deretxo mejor ki africa hay moxo atrabajo y motxo denero hay algen mas que no poder adesimos

  5. rabie _lille says:

    claro hermano hay tenis qui ir a espana es un pais muy bueno y muy grane hay mucho trabajo buena suerte hijo mio

  6. nordin says:

    azul hol ames hermanos rifinios eswpana es nu pais ki tunez muchou crisis porv uso ki no falta al guno ki pensar de ella

  7. nourdin says:

    espana ewsc pior de afric aen este mommento

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