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Thidrin musical band will give a concert during the evening of May 24th in Rotterdam; alongside, they will present their new album “BIYA”. This event is organized by Tilleli Association in Roterdam.
The music of Thidrin is characterized by its original rhythms that deal with social and cultural issues such as the oppression of women, freedom of expression, social inequality, etc. The group has different musical styles and is seen as one of the most innovative Dutch / Amazigh music.
During the same day, the artist and illustrator Abbtoy will present some of his latest works that deal with some social issues like the oppression of woman and the intolerance of religious views. The public will have the opportunity to discuss the presented works with their author. The exhibition will be preceded by a debate in which the writers Saïd El Haji and Hassan Bahara will take part. This debat will be led by the columnist Asis Aynan.

Program of the day:
• 19.00 Opening of the event
• 19.30 Debate on “Cartoons of a Berber”
• 20.00 Presentation “Cartoons of a Berber”
• 20.45 Presentation of the new CD of Thidrin followed by a concert
• 21.15 Pause
• 21.45 Thidrin concert continues
• 22.30 End of the event

More Information:
Tel: +31 (0) 638 568 263

5 Euro

Place: Bibliotheektheater
Hoogstraat 110
3011 PV Rotterdam
Tel: +31 (0) 102 816 114

The album is composed of the following tracks:

• Track1: Azul
• Track2: Fus S’FUs
• Track3: Inay
• Track4: Lista
• Track5: Razzokh Adaminigh
• Track6: Yedjis N’tmurt inu
• Track7: Taliban
• Track8: Ammas O’kka Ammas
• Track9: Ghzar Athsayno
• Track10: Adttor
• Track11: Ghatchi Rwazna
• Track12: Thamzi
• Track13: Biya I
• Track14: Biya II
• Track15: Min N’wwi

Album Demo

Ghatchi Rwazna:


Fus S’FUs:

Ammas O’kka Ammas:


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