The Third Annual Festival of Professional Theater in Casablanca

Thifswin Group

The Third Annual Festival of Professional Theater was successful this year. This competition is organized by Tafoukt Creation Space in Casablanca from 08th to 15th May, 2008. Several countries participated in this edition namely Egypt, Iraq, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Tunisia and Morocco, the host country. The Moroccan participation in the event was rich and diverse. Thifswin Association from Alhoceima presented a play entitled ‘Taslit n’uzrou’, ‘Assam’ group from Nador presented ‘Thaziri Thamiri’, ‘Ajjaj’ group from Nador presented ‘Thashoumath’, ‘Sokasana’ from Rabat presented ‘Twarguit N’arkia’, Goumi Theater Group from Tiznit presented ‘Oimlil d Awskan’, Takfaria group from Dchira presented ‘Imsli n Ifsi’, Tasuta Group from Oujda presented the play entitled ‘Oudem Benmri’. The jury is composed of PhD holders specialized in the field of theater in Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria and Libya.

There was a fierce competition between these groups who presented shows that impressed the audience. Thifswin Association from Alhoceima got three prizes out of five. The prize of the best actor was assigned to Tarik Salhi. The prize of realization went to Farouk Azbabet. As per the best prize of a perfect work, the jurors as well as the audience judged the representatives of Thifswin Association to be the best at the level of performance, cinography. ‘Assam’ group from Nador got the prize of the best text handed to Benissa Mestari. Wafae Elmerras got the prize of the best performance. The present of the best cinography was handed to ‘Ajjaj’ group from Nador .

Rif region has witnessed the birth of several Theater groups that are able to honor the Amazigh Art on the best way. Congratulations to Thifswin group that enriched the repertoire of Alhoceima by the best prize for the first time in the history of Theater in Al Hoceima.


Translated by Mimoun Amghar
Photos: Tarik Atifi

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