The Amazigh Poetry Forum in Rif

The Amazigh Poetry Forum in Rif

Poetry has a highly considerable position in the Amazigh culture and literature. It is the fundmental inductive and refresher of the collective memory of Imazighen in the Rif. Tafsut Association for Culture and Development organized, in coordination with the Amazigh Studies Department, The Forum of the First Spring of Amazigh Poetry in Rif. The two-day literary event afforeded an appealing opportunity for poets, researchers and activists to interact. Guest speakers and attendants devoted enough time to the demonstration of the glory of Amazigh poetry. The forum could acquaint the attendants with Amazigh literary heritage and formulate an appeal to build bridges between all the poets in the Rif regions. The forum pled also to compile the Amazigh corpora and encourage novelist, playwrights, poets and artists to publish their works.

Amazigh peotry in the Rif regions is the theme of the event; however, the debates were not limited to Amazigh Poetry, but they were enlarged to cover all the facets of Amazigh literature. Moreover, some participants talked about other issues such as Amazigh identity, alienation and woman rights.

Thanks to the qualitatively rich and strong contribution of the guest speakers and the sincere interest of the attendants, the event is registered one of the highest levels of attenddance, quality and feedback. Therefore, the efforts of the members of Tafsut Association for Culture and Development were not in vain.

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