“A Bride in Stone” by Tifswin Groupe of the Amazigh Theatre

Tifswin Groupe

The events of the play take place in two times; time of narration and time of the narrated, where the transition between the two times is accomplished through telling the story of ‘Afulay’, the youthful shepherd who found himself in the immemorial time.
The narration takes place in a courtyard named ‘Azzarag ‘ in a pictured village where people are accustomed to the regular visits of Butizit, the unknown tale-teller.

This time, Butizit will involve his audience in the space and events of the narrated time through making them play some roles in the tale. Massin will play the role of ‘Afulay’, the youthful shepherd. The latter found himself in the face of ‘Atlas’, the god of mountains. The shepherd was given half of a flute and asked by ‘Atlas’ to find the other part which is with the adopted daughter of the chief of ‘Tamudas’ city.

Afulay starts a long journey looking for the girl who stole his mind and heart though he did not see her. On his way, he meets Akel, the blind soothsayer who lent him a helping hand to find the girl ‘Tilla’. However, Askilus, the sovereign who kidnapped the girl refuses to set the free to go back to her city. Afulay tried to kill the king, as Butizit planned afore; however, the stream of events resulted in the death of Tilla.

Ahmed Sammar
Rachid Ismaili
Tarik Assalhi
Habib Oulad El Madani
El Hilali Mohamed
Naima Allach
Anissa Ikri
Tayab El Maach
Loubna El Bouazzati

Music: Aziz Amerdas

Eclairage: Mohamed Benaisa

Regie: Benyoussef Mohamed

Signography: Abd el Halim Sammar

Author: Said Abarnous

Realization: Farouk Aznabet

Translated by Sabri EL HAMMAOUI

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