Thifaouin Group for Theater in Al Hoceima Releases a new Drama

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Tifaouin theatre group opens the theatrical season 2007/2008 with the first show that will be presented on Saturday 19 January 2008 at “Al Ghorfa Attijariya”, Al Hoceima. The new show is entitled “Thawarth Imdran ” authored by Laziz Ibrahimi and directed by the young directors Mohamed Ben Said and Ahmed Ajouini. The drama show tackles one of the local customs that Riffian people used to hold annually. This ritual incorporates a set of traditions and practices that incarnates important cultural forms of Riffian life. The same as it reveals the Mediterranean context that the Rifian region is fraught with. This is performed through the employment of the Amazigh story and the local legend.

Translated by Abdelmounaim Ouyidir

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