The 3rd Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

he 3rd Mediterranean Festival of Al Hoceima

The 3rd annual festival of Al Hoceima was surprising this summer; the pioneers of Amazigh music from many regions of Tamazgha and other bands that are in the diaspora joined the event. The festival started on Monday July 23 and ended on Sunday 29 of the same month.

The artists that marked the event are Khalid Izri, Imetlaa, Takfarinas, Thifridjas, Zirly, Tifyour and the famous humorist Thuzzarin narrif . They played a few of their original to the enthusiastic audience of Al Hoceima. The following are some photos from the festival.

Photos from the Festival:

Imetlaa Concert

Thifridjas Concert

Khalid Izri Concert

Zirly Concert

Takfarinas Concert

Tifyour Concert

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