The First Mediterranean Amazigh Festival in Tangier

Izri band

This event was the most successful Amazigh festival in Arif ever. The giant artists of Rif, Kabyle: Khalid Izri, Djur Djura, Walid Mimoun, Thidrin, Imetlaa, and others took part in the successfulness of this big event. Tangier lived special Amazigh mediterranean rhythms.
The stadium of Tangiers was full of the lovers of Amazigh Music and especially the Rifian one. Thidrin showed a great capability of the Rifian music, the same for Imetlaa who broke the silence and made everybody move and dance on the Rifian Rhythm ( Adjoun, Guitars, and Flute).The King of Rifian Music Walid Mimoun sang a couple of his famous songs, he was very responsive with the spectators. Imattawn, Benaman, Firdaws Taziri, Allal Chilleh, Said Zerwali… Gave a good image to the Rifians Artists living in Arif.

Djur Djura started her show with a salutation to All Imazighen, especially Imazighan of Arif. Everybody was applauding and they all
showed their great respect to this great and famous kbaylish feminist voice.

The last day of the festival was the most important one. Khalid Izri had stolen the spots. He sang a couple of his famous song such as
Maymmi, Yamma, Amazigh, mach Ghanag Anari… and also some new titles. These old songs were arranged in a new style. The band of Izri is a very professional one. Izri could be considered as the most successful artist in Arif.

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