Karim El Marssi: A new voice with a new style

Karim El Marssi: A new voice with a new style

Karim El Marssi is not to be seen as a new emerging voice if we consider him as an innovative member whose artistic life began in the late nineties. His music coincided with the appearance of the Amazigh movements as he participated in many different meetings which were held by different national and international Amazigh associations such as Thnukra‚The association of research and cultural exchange?… Etc.
El Marssi also participated in various meetings held by students movements. However, if we consider him as a new voice then it is just because it is the first time that he has released an album after fourteen years of experience. He seems to be following a well known strategy which says “thnayen ntzizwa ura ayraf nizan? (two bees are better than thousand flies), and this is the reason why his message “Tabrat” came this late.

These are some of Karim’s characteristics which mark his artistic power:
– He is fully aware of the Amazigh culture and language which, he believes, deserve defending through the language of music.
– He is also aware of the experiences that others have had in the Amazigh music throughout Tamazgha.
– He is known for choosing the right words in his music that we find him singing for the most prominent poets like El Moussaoui Said, Omar Boumazough, Fatima El Waryachi, and Mimoun El Walid to name but a few.
– He uses an international style in his music, but, of course, without disregarding his local heritage. His music is a mixture of both the local and the international musical touches.
In short, “Tabrat� is a message chosen in beautiful musical tones and words in a time when the Amzigh song has almost fallen apart.

By Ahmed Zahid
Translated by Hicham Boughaba

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