Meksa, a legend


Loundja and Zelgoum are orphans like the curent people that don’t hear about him. Early, in 1974, with Idir, he was a famous singer. He composed music and melodies in folk song, modern folklore and universal style. He introduced the guitar, the bass, the battery and the piano. His songs were appreciated in several countries. So, he introduced The Kabylia to the world with its traditions and tales. He worked also on the favour of Berber case. Meksa, you were an ace that died early on this sad October 31st, 1988. You were only 34 years old. But, you are still alive through yopur repertory.

Meksa, 18 years already since Abdelkader Meksa died! With his death, a legend passed away. “Loundja” and “Zelgoum” have become orphans just like the present kabyle people that seems to have forsaken him. His notoriety goes back to the 1974 year when he was as famous as the kabyle singerIdir. Meksa s folk songs had both modern and universal touch which he accompanied harmoniously with numerous instruments such as the guitar, bass, drums and piano. His songs were appreciated wherever a kabyle audience could be found. This could be at home in Kabylia, or many other countries in Europe. Through his songs, he introduced the Kabyle traditions and folk tales to the world. He was also known for his militantisme for the Berber cause that suffered under the discriminatory laws of the Algerian state.

Meksa, one of the best assets of the the kabyle song, died too early on a sad 31st of October, 1988. Meksa was only 34 years old. Meksa, you remain immortel because your legacy, your kabyle songs, are still alive.

By Kamel Souami
source: nourth-of-africa

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