The Institute of Tamazight Studies

Institute of Tamazight Studies

The Institute of Tamazight Studies (ITS) is a Not-for-Profit research institute that represents a proper educational body that can
characterise a research resource to intellectuals and/or leaders who
are involved in the Tamazight social, political, educational, cultural
and/or academic affairs. The ITS aims to deliver high quality
postgraduate research in various subjects via the WWW cyberspace using e-Learning based platform and Internet infrastructure.

The Tamazight studies research is concerned with all aspects of the Amazigh culture, history and modern life in North Africa/Tamazgha in general and Libya in particular in terms of their language, heritage, values, political life, arts, poetry, archaeology, music etc… Further information on these areas is to be found under the respective links of our specialised research centres.

Increasingly, however, research topics cross across these clusters and also make interdisciplinary connections. The proposed research programmes allow people regardless their scientific background to study, learn and do Master by Research (MRes) in any of the proposed subjects that are related to various areas at their own pace in their own time. Also, we welcome and encourge those who feel engaged in their daily life and commitments but are interested in and deeply committed to doing research in any subject of the Tamazight studies to join us. We accept final
reports/theses to be written in any of the four languages – Tamazight, English, Arabic or French. We work with other institutions in the world and with industry and trying to build a strong record in collaborative and interdisciplinary research, but convinced that research remains central to our culture and strategy for our success and in attracting external funding.

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