The 2nd Amazigh Festival in Tangier

The 2nd Amazigh Festival in Tangier

The second Mediterranean Amazigh festival was successful this year. Artists, journalist, thinkers and activists came from various parts of Tamazgha to attend and participate in this edition, which was richer than last year’s one. Apart from the concerts, other activities also took place such as exposition of Amazigh Artisanal, poetry, discussions about important cultural and political issues, Muay Thai Gala and theater.

The exposition of the Amazigh draws, rugs, jewelry and others were the first to be launched, then the memorial meeting about the Amazigh thinker and writer Mohamed Choukri followed with a play by the Amazigh theater group from Al Hoceima. Ended with some concerts in which giant Amazigh artists participated.

The concerts of khalid Izri and Idir were the most remarkable. Izri made a concert that surprised almost everyone. Idir made a great one too with his special spiritual music. The pictures that follow the article may give you an idea about what the words can not describe.

The presence of the Photograph artist Farid Al Ghoul from libya made of this event an international one that could cross the borders. Abdelkader Assakkaki also participated with his special draws that present aspects from the Rifian way of life and traditions.

Photos from the Concerts:

Photos from the Exposition:

Photographers: Miloud Ayadi & Khalid Bounda
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