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November, the 19th 2005 was a special day in the history of Wahid Thaziri. The band presented her first album called “Thajit” (Dream). This cd presentation was the closing off of a successful year 2005. The band played the finale of The “Amsterdamse Popprijs” and won the “Rasa Mondiaal Tour” and played on more than 40 famous stages in Holland like Paradiso and Melkweg and also on the largest festivals like Noorderslag, Bevrijdingsfestival, Oerol, Sail and more.
This makes Wahid Thaziri one of the greatest Amazigh music groups in the Netherlands. The music of Thaziri is a mix of different known music styles and the traditional Amazigh music (northern Africa). This unique expression is made possible by the usage of the modern instruments like guitar, bass, drums and the traditional Amazigh instruments like adjun (percussion), therefore Thaziri’s music is accessible for audiences with different backgrounds.

Their own songs
The music and (most of) the lyrics of the songs are composed and written by the band members themselfs. Some songs, like “Put me in your heart” (M. Abttoy) and “We are still alive” (Twattoun) are written by other great artists. The songs on the album are about the issues which can take place in every society in the world. From a love song to songs about women s rights in some parts of the world.

Cultural purpose
Besides playing great music and performing, the band tries to promote the Amazigh art and music in the Netherlands and Europe.

For more information check the official website of the band:
Management: AM Artist & Event management, M. Achahbar 0031 0 627556017.

Listen to Thaziri music here

Source:, Official website of Thaziri band

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