Khalid Izri, an impressive voice for the service of the Amazigh culture

Khalid Izri Band

Since his early encounter with the Amazigh music, Khalid Izri has always surprised his fans with numerous impressive songs. He has a catalogue full of successful music which he has always put at the service of the Amazigh culture and traditions. His songs have touched various aspects of his own culture. He has treated different topics like those about cultural roots, identity, emigration, conditions of women, and the contradictions of values in society. His musical collection consists of four albums, namely Tamwart Inu (1988), Izri Inu (1990), Mayemmi (1992), and Taqqessist (1997), in addition to a few single songs. These four albums exhibit some of the finest songs the Amazigh music has ever witnessed.

Khalid Izri has become a famous figure all over the Amazigh world and is becoming an internationally known artist nowadays. He has participated in many international occasions where he showed that the Amazigh culture has its own artistic heritage which is typically Amazigh in nature. It has become a habit to hear that the name of Khalid Izri figures on the list of artists to participate in some international festival or artistic encounters. His outstanding voice is often heard in local Amazigh festivals like those organized lately in Al-Hoceima (1st and 3nd edition), Tangier (1st and 2nd editions) and Timitar festival of Agadir in 2007 where he showed a strong and significant presence.

This time the name of this talented Amazigh singer figures among many other international names like Arax, Camaxe, Olivier Cima, and Urbango in a project held by the RTBF (Radio télévision Belge Francophone). This project is given the name “Å“Le Monde est un Village”? (The world is a village). One of the main concerns of this project is to bring different cultures and traditions into one single compilation. Each week, the RTBF studio receives many artists of different traditions and cultural backgrounds, but whose main aim is to defend their own identity and culture through their music. The eighth edition of “Le Monde est un Village”? is signed by five international artists, one of whom is Khalid Izri. It is the first time that the name of an African singer is chosen in this compilation. Khalid Izri admits that it is “a great honor”? to him to be chosen in such compilation. In fact, it is such a great realization for the Amazigh music in particular and culture in general, because this may pave the way for a global introduction of Tamazight.

The compilation was released on the 20th of April 2007, and it includes five groups. The RTBF has released 7 editions during 8 years of work, but the 8th edition is somewhat unique as it includes for the first time an Amazigh voice from Africa. Khalid Izri’s contribution was in a form of presenting new versions of some of his old songs like Mach Gha Neg, Tetoud, and Yemma. It is an attempt to show a modern interpretation of some of his old successful songs.

Le Monde est un Village 17/9/2007 19h-20h: Concert Khalid Izri

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